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About Charlie Boys Angels UK

Charlie Boy’s Angels is a small registered charity based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England. It helps homeless and vulnerable individuals with their pets. It was founded in 2017, in memory of a small white Staffordshire bull terrier named Charlie Boy. Charlie Boy and his owner Dwayne were sadly made homeless back in November 2016. It was around this time that a small group of volunteers within the local community joined together to help Charlie Boy with some skin issues.

Tragically in January 2017, Dwayne and Charlie Boy were attacked on the streets of Southend. Charlie Boy jumped up to protect his owner and was fatally stabbed. After his death, our local community was filled with not only sadness for this brave boy who had sacrificed his life for his owner, proving his loyalty right to the very end. We were also filled with anger, that such a violent and despicable thing could happen to a man and his dog who were simply trying to survive. We decided that we would continue our work in Charlie Boy’s memory, and do our upmost to ensure that it never happens on our streets again.

It’s estimated that around 10% of the UK’s homeless population have pets, but less than 10% of hostels accept pets, forcing some of the most vulnerable people back on the streets at risk of illness, exploitation and violence, simply because they refuse to be parted from their most loyal companion. For most, their pets are all they have left in the world.

Despite the government claiming to have helped over 90% of people to get off the streets during the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of rough sleepers increased by 36% in 2022, in England alone. That’s 17,000 individuals, that don’t have a safe place to call their home, despite living in the world’s sixth biggest economy! This figure continues to rise at an alarming rate due to the current cost of living crisis.

Here at Charlie Boys Angels, we help to provide homeless and vulnerable individuals and their pets with basic essentials such as food, toiletries and clothing, access to free veterinary treatment, helping to find safe pet friendly accommodation.
We do not receive any government funding. and rely solely on support from kind members of the public to help us continue doing the work we do each day, and keep our vet treatment free and accessible to those who need it the most.

Some amazing landlords have given us the opportunity to house homeless people with their pets. We oversee that the rent is paid and the places are kept in good condition. We have been promised some more dog friendly places. In 2022 we fed close to 4.500 animals, we housed 21 people and re-homed 8 cats and 14 dogs.  

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